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Founder of YL Designs Interiors Yannette Lebrun has always had a passion for the arts and design and anyone who knows her can attest to her creativity and organizational abilities. These governing traits are what lead her to earn a bachelors degree in interior design from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. With 15 years of design experience, primarily within the hospitality interior design industry, she has worked as lead designer with several reputable interior design and architectural firms on several projects ranging from upscale hotels, restaurants, office and retail spaces.


Yannette makes her designs available to serve both the residential and commercial design market. Her extensive background in hospitality design, her love of travel and her Caribbean culture has influenced her design philosophy. That along with her modern with a touch of glam style will bring to your space the look of high-end luxury. Her company YL Designs Interiors provides full interior design services and E-design (virtual) services to meet her referred client's needs. 

YL Designs Interiors is the only Maryland based interior design and interior architecture firm with a home decor product line YL Designs Home Decor and original art studio featuring resin paintings.

Yannette Lebrun has given back to her community working as an adjunct interior design instructor at Montgomery College and Cuyahoga College and spends her free time volunteering in her community with her faith group. This background brings a unique understanding of the design process and the ability to clearly communicate and help clients understand the principles and steps to designing their ideal space.

Yannette has taken her many years of experience as well as her love for interior design business organization and mentoring to offer coaching services to design firms all over the country helping them to organize their interior design business systems and processes as well as help them strategize in developing and marketing their business services. Their membership to the Interior Design Business College has given them the direction they need to allow their business to work more efficiently resulting in a more profitable business.

At YL Designs Interiors we value Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity and Customer ServiceWe are committed to making timeless and innovative designs attainable by all.


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