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Photos On The Ceiling???!!

Have you ever entered someones home and wondered why the photos are mounted so high that they are practically on the ceiling?

This scenario happens quite often. Homeowners would like to display their photos and artwork in the best possible light but many times this effort turns into a failure because they aren't mounted at the appropriate height which results in it taking away from the space instead of enhancing it. This blog is a reminder on how to properly mount your photographs and artwork.

"Rule of thumb is to hang your photos at eye level".

Rule of thumb is to hang your photos at eye level. This is the best height to ensure the balance of the photos on the wall. This will allow you to enjoy the view versus looking up unnaturally at the photo while moving about your space. Hanging artwork from about 60 inches to 66 inches from the floor to the center of the artwork will typically suffice. Heights at the sofa, fire place mantle, or stairs may require an adjustment based on the size of the piece and the heights of these locations.

Suggestion: Recruit the help of a friend to hold your photo or artwork in place in the desired location so that you can see it from a distance and decide if it will work where its positioned. Need more tips specialized to your own space? Checkout our home walk-threw consultation package.

Happy Hanging!

YL Designz

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