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Have a geode coaster idea that you want to bring to life? Have a specific color you are trying to match to your home decor? Commission a designer coaster with us. Just describe the color that you are aiming for and let us take it from there. Trust our creativity to bring you a unique customized design. If you would like to send us a color swatch please email it to and make reference to your order number.


Use this coaster while entertaining with your cold or warm drinks, or maybe as a decorative accessory on your etagere or coffee table. You will love the shine and brilliance these coasters.


Quantity: Set of 4

Size: 4.5" Dia, 1/4" Thick

Material: Resin


Example photo 1: Designer Geode Coaster: Silver Leaf & Blue crushed glass center/ Silver Edge /Main Colors: Blue & Gray

Example photo 2: Sparkle Galaxy Geode Coaster: Gold Leaf & Clear crushed glass center/ Gold Edge /Main Colors: Black &Gold

Custom "Geode" Designer Coasters

Excluding Sales Tax
Glitter (Included) & Edge Color (Add $5.00)
Add Crushed Glass to Center
  • Please note that you will receive a custom piece therefore you should expect variations in the artwork and not an exact repeat on each coaster. Please note that we may decide to add additional colors or materials such as glitter, crushed glass, paint etc. to achieve the desired look.

    By making this purchase you acknowledge that YL Designz has full creative control of the design of the coaster.There are NO cancelations, returns or exchanges once you have submitted your payment. If Item is purchased on the weekend, it will be shipped out on the following business day.

    Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your item but it may arrive sooner. You will be notified when the item gets shipped.Upon receipt of your coaster DO NOT stack them within the first 7 Days to allow your coaster to completely cure. Otherwise, they may fuse together. Please lay them on a flat surface that they cannot absorb.

    You may then begin using your coaster but please note that within the first 30 days it is possible for the coater to continue to take on the shape of whatever surface it is placed on therefore it is recommended that you rest them on a flat surface.

    Please note that it is not advised to place hot mugs or cups that exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit onto your coaster as this could melt your coaster. Pleae avoid direct sunlight for at least 30 days.

  • UPS Ground Shipping

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