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Senior and Assisted Living

Research has proven that the design of an interior space that we spend a portion of our life in can have a tremendous impact on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, your residents overall wellness should be an important consideration when deciding if its time to renovate your existing space. With your senior or assisted living facility, considering this aspect will increase your ROI because you will create a more pleasing experience for your residents which will result in their loyalty to your organization.


A space that is designed with the intention of wellness in mind accomplishes four main objectives. It considers the functionality, aesthetics as well as the health and safety aspects of the design.


The layout of the space should flow and be cohesive allowing the occupant to move about freely while giving a sense of organization with the intentional placement of furnishings. It should consider the activities being performed in the space providing a harmonious solution that keeps in mind natural movements while integrating with the existing architecture.


The space is visually pleasing bringing a sense of calm, restfulness and peace. Making the most use of natural light and considering the impact of color and texture with the effect on mood and wellbeing.

Health & Safety

The design should keep in mind code requirements and sustainability. Keeping in mind finish selections with low VOCs and considering the impact of sounds surrounding the space.

At YL Designz we will help you create the environment that will take your business to the next level giving your residents the experience of hotel luxury while keeping in mind their wellbeing. At YL Designz we value Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity and Customer Service. See how YL Designz can get you the dazzling interior you've always imagined. Schedule a commercial design consultation to get started.

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