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Are Your Interior Design Business Systems In Order?

Are your interior design business systems and processes in order? Is your workflow different for every customer and you want to have a consistent and effective process? Do you have the appropriate documentation to complete your project from start to finish?

Organizing your interior design business systems and processes will help you gain mental clarity which will result in your business working more efficiently and more profitably.

​Making the organization of your business a priority will result in a more positive and confident mindset going into each project and the results of that clear mindset may inevitably also spill into your personal life. That is why our slogan is "Organize your business, Organize your life".

"Organize your biz organize your life!"

Lets discuss 4 ways that can help get your business process up and functioning for maximum efficiency:

1. Design Process

The first step in setting up or refining the systems and processes in your design business is to have a clear understanding of the design process. Typical phases may include:

Client On-boarding

Schematic Design

Design Development

Contract Documents

Construction Administration

Project Closeout

Having these phases fully understood and mapped out will help you to see the requirements for the following steps.

2. Deliverables

With each phase you need to identify the deliverables meaning what the client or yourself would expect you to produce to get from one phase to another. Example: During the Schematics Phase you could develop a questionnaire to gather information on space requirements from your client before you start brainstorming ideas and concepts to have a clear understanding of your parameters. It is crucial to predetermine the deliverables which will also help you create a project schedule so that you and your client have clarity from the start and know what to expect .

3. Workflow

Now its time to determine the sequence of tasks or path to get each deliverable done. There are resources and programs available to help as well, from various bookkeeping software that also allow you to create questionnaires for example, or software platforms that allow you to create finish boards as well as send purchase orders. You may also choose to use our standard but reliable folder systems method. Which would allow you to have a specific template set aside for each task. Once you have this mapped out you will then be able to identify the following.


Determine what type of documentation that would be necessary to accomplish your workflow. You will need various templates such as for: contracts, product specifications, purchase orders, and the list goes on. Since there are platforms available that can help you in creating your workflow while allowing you to document within their system, taking advantage of such platforms may allow for a simpler process. Some of these platforms are even including drafting, rendering and administrative documentation.

Are you starting a new design business and looking to setup your processes the best way right from the start? Whether you specialize in commercial or residential interior design, whether you own a corporation or a small home based design business, YL Designz can help you get your business in order and working for you more efficiently which will take your business to the next level. Organizing your business process will help you develop and maintaining mental clarity and business clarity which will result in profitability. Book a 1 on 1 organizing session with interior design business organizer, Yannette Lebrun to get started!

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