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We understand the challenges that come with being a busy working professional and wanting to come home to a space that feels like a luxury hotel retreat so that you can wind down, relax and prepare for the next day.  It is worth the investment to create a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come while adding value to your home. Are you longing for that dream kitchen? What about the spa bathroom you keep thinking of? Having the beautiful space that you've always wanted is closer then you think! We are here to help you achieve the dazzling interior space that you've always imagined. Why not start now by scheduling a consultation and be one step closer to your ideal space. Take a look at our simple design process:

Client Consultation


This is where we have an in depth conversation about your space. We want to know your goals and objectives and the outcome you are trying to achieve. We will tour the space and brainstorm ideas for the best solutions. We will gathering information and requirements to consider with your design. Some of the areas of designing that are typically covered during the consultation:

  • Help with defining a comfortable budget

  • Furniture layout ideas 

  • Lighting ideas

  • Ideas for new finishes

  • Window treatment ideas

  • Show us your inspiration images


(Please note this consultation is verbal in person or virtual and include NO drawings or finish selections)

After the consultation we will submit to you a proposal and once signed, we will survey your existing space

(measuring, inventory, photograph) on a sperate day and continue onto the next phase.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN                                                                                  


In this phase we will research requirements pertaining to the functional aspects, code requirements etc. of your space. We will create 2 inspirational mood boards with concept photos for approval of the interior design direction. We will also present schematic drawings like floor plans and featured elevations. We will also provide you with a preliminary budget and project schedule. 


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                  


In this phase we will develop the selected design concept along with select specific furniture, accessories and finish selections.  We will further developing your drawings. We will continue coordination with trade vendors for quotes, custom finishes and requesting samples. We will present a drawing set and finish board along with an estimated budget. You will also review the actual finish samples. 3D renderings may also be included upon request.




In this phase we will providing additional construction details to the drawings as well as write product specifications of your furnishings. We will provide continued coordination with all trades and prepare drawings for permits submitted by your contractor or Architect. You may hire a contractor or architect to be responsible to submit drawings for permit. We will submit to you final drawings, finish board, furniture specifications and renderings. Once approved, you are now ready for purchasing and construction.


CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION                           


We ensure the construction is performed in accordance with the design intent. We will review shop drawings and submittals provided by the contractor and vendors for conformance to the design concept. We will monitor the progress of the construction on site and ensure the design is being followed in detail and answer questions and challenges that may arise. You may hire us for the procurement and scheduling of the installation of your interior furnishings.

Areas we service: DMV (Washington DC/Maryland/ Northern Virginia)

Live in another state and want design help see our E-design services.



Just want a second pair of eyes to make design decisions? Perhaps its a paint color your trying to decide on, or the location of your artwork or sofa. YL Designz will be happy to walk threw your entire home with you and give you feedback and suggestions on how to enhance the design of your space. Bring your pad and pencil, take notes, then execute the ideas we come up with on your own time and schedule.

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